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"Clearly, animals know more than we think, and think a great deal more than we know."

Irene Pepperberg

Jumanji the Elephant protected in Botswana

Who We Are...

       The Donald Slavik Family Foundation is at a pivotal time in its evolution. Due to an increase in funding, our size will increase substantially over the next 15 years. We have an opportunity to amplify the effects that we have on the world. Where we would previously limit the organizations that we worked with to relatively small groups so that we could make a difference in their operations, we now have the opportunity to work with much larger NGOs worldwide that are making a true difference in conservation.

       Today the foundation is still managed by the Slavik family. Our network, however, has grown over the years and is now comprised of the most capable and passionate animal lovers taking on one of the earth’s toughest challenges every day. For more than 20 years, we have been devoted to the protection of wildlife and education of the ­public through our grantees or partners. ­Although our namesake has passed, his vision still guides us through our Mission Statement: 


“The Donald Slavik Family Foundation is a multigenerational commitment affirming our founder’s visions that a world without wildlife is not one worth living in.  We dedicate ourselves to the betterment of all life on earth by supporting programs that preserve wildlife and the environment and educate people on the need to save our precious resources.  The Foundation works with organizations around the world to achieve these goals.”


     Similar to our mission statement, our values remain unchanged: The Donald Slavik Family Foundation continues to believe that education is vital for positive change, that people need to be taught to appreciate and respect wildlife, and that humanity has the potential to keep raising the standard of living while coexisting with nature. As our organization continues to grow exponentially, we hope that our positive impact can grow at the same pace.

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