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“Humanity's true moral test, its fundamental test…consists of its attitude towards those who are at its mercy: animals.” Milan Kundera

Mosi the male lion

How We Work...

DSFF strives to be a key player in the effort to conserve wild animals and places. We have a rare opportunity to strategically fund projects, gather knowledge, and build networks to improve the efficacy of on the ground projects.  


Our goal for the next five years is to develop an in-depth understanding of conservation issues and efforts in our two areas of practice: North America and Africa.  To do so we will continue to learn and to talk to anyone working in these areas that can help us to understand what is being done and where we can make a real difference.  Where topic-specific working groups exist, we will evaluate membership as a way to gain knowledge and expand our network.  We will identify spaces where we can create value beyond just funding projects.  Potential examples include but are not limited to:


  • African Painted Dog preservation

  • Lion conservation throughout south and eastern Africa

  • Co-existence between farmers/ranchers and predators

  • Red wolf re-introduction into the US

  • Cougar re-introduction into the Northeast and area expansion in Florida

  • Jaguar re-introduction into the American SW

  • Restoring salmon populations in the Pacific NW to support brown bears as well as human users

  • Creating sustainable fisheries and protecting sharks

To bring about the kind of change that we would like, we have high standards and expectations for our grantees. Organizations new to the Donald Slavik Family Foundation (DSFF) should first submit a letter or email of inquiry. The letter should briefly introduce your organization and the project in which you’d like our involvement. DSFF prefers not to provide funding for ongoing operating costs and would rather be involved with specific projects with measurable outcomes; therefore, the organization in question must be able to reasonably ensure it is able to continue operation after involvement of DSFF is discontinued. If we feel that your organization or project is a good fit, we will contact you with details and instructions for a grant proposal. It is also worth noting that this organization will not provide funds to lobby legislation or influence public elections whatsoever. All applicants must provide an IRS letter ruling of tax-exempt status and a non-profit organization as defined by the Internal Revenue Code (501(c)(3)). Additionally, when grants awarded cover less than the total costs of projects, management reserves the right to hold the funds until the remaining funding has been secured. Finally, the grant/project must not involve liability to the DSFF except to provide the amount of the grant. It is through these rules and expectations this foundation has continued to be successful, and we look forward to growing our partnerships to achieve a brighter future.  

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