"People would rather believe than know" Edward Wilson

Vulture at feeding time at Lion Sands

What We Do...

         The Donald Slavik Family Foundation achieves its goals by providing monetary grants to eligible organizations that share our views and desires. Our partner organizations are based primarily in the United States, Africa, and the Rain Forests of South America and Asia. Grants will be given for projects either working directly with wildlife populations or in infrastructure supporting those populations.  Occasionally, we will consider grants in the wider area of environmental conservation. As with everything we do, it is very important to us that the majority of our partners provide an educational aspect to their work. One of our core beliefs is that major change cannot be achieved without educating as many people as possible. Over the past two decades our foundation has given out hundreds of grants, has helped educate more than one hundred thousand people, and has been a significant force for good in the fight to save the worlds wildlife.